Saturday, July 31, 2010


Lively and Risa are BFFs. Lively has adored her big sister Risa since the first time they saw each other when I brought Lively home on July 8th, 2009. Lively is the 5th CCI puppy I raised and will be turned in at the SW Training Center November 13th 2010. (Left to right - Risa IV and Lively II)

Risa was the 4th CCI puppy I raised and I turned her in at the SW Training Center in August of 2009. However, she decided that a job at CCI wasn't what she wanted to do, so she came back to me in October. Much to my and Lively's delight Risa came home and they continued their adventures.

(Left to right - Risa IV and Lively II - Always cuddling together)

(Left to right - Lively II and Risa IV - waiting for permission to eat their Frosty Paws at friend Celtie's 10th Birthday Party)

Unfortunately the combination of Risa and Lively together brings out the devil in each and they can get into trouble faster than I can blink. The day before I was to leave to take Risa back to CA. last year, I was soaking an area of my lawn. Before I knew it Risa and Lively were playing with the hose and making the biggest mud puddle, having the time of their lives. I laughed so hard my stomach hurt. Well, after I regained my composure, I gave both Risa and Lively a bath and promptly turned off the hose.

Living in Phoenix, AZ. summer showers are not common but Monsoons are and this last weekend I was blessed with some wet weather. Well I was enjoying it until the Yellow Twin Terrors decided that mud is the funnest thing in the world and once again I found myself laughing, crying and being really irritated at the sight of Risa and Lively in the muddy water of my half finished pond (that was filled by the rain). This time Lively was definitely the instigator, watching her stick her nose in and pawing at the water, Risa stood very near looking at me as if to say "see it's not always me".

(Left to right - Lively II, who is normally very white and Risa IV)

We survived the weekend with several baths and rinses and temporarily filling in the pond. Just another fun weekend with these silly, sweet pups.

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